Parents is the best teachers for their children. Mother and father can form their children’s character by educating them at the first time and even parents’ responsibility never stop for the children although they have been  in school. As we know that, parent give more attention to their daughter than their so, because they consider that the daughter is weak and need more protection then a man. They worry to their daughter’s safety especially about their future, actually about sex education. Because of that anxiety, they try to give the best attention even allowing their daughter to get marriage in early life.

The latest development of our information and technology give the teenager unlimited information not even a positive information but a negative information from another culture and another country. They will be easy to be influenced doing something positif or not. To avoid negative effect likewise free sex. Parents have to protect and guide their children particularly their daughter. So getting marriage earlier at least it can protect them free life style, including free sex. And parents again for parents. This manner will be precaution for daughter in order to get safety in her transition term to obtain her adult. So this marriage will be the best solution for daughter to disappear anxiety about pregnancy.

Unfortunately, allowing the daughter gets married earlier while she is still underage, she also still behaves childish, because they are not adult yet. This marriage will sacrifice their study, it means that their light future. She also cannot balance between her condition and the reality, because she is not ready for that conditions, she didn’t get more experience to prepare herself. And it could create a conflict in herself and with her husband. Consequently, she is divorced from her. Her husband eventually. Of course there is not welfare in their family later. And the effect  when she divorced, she will get a traumatic experience and she will find a big challenge to get back her condition likewise before getting married.

Otherwise, there is still a reason why parents should not allow the daughter to get married earlier. Everything is about responsibility. When she was married she has a big responsibility as a housewife. Eventually, this marriage is not be solution for her, and finally she will always depends on her parents. And it will appear dependence where as she has gotten married. And whenever they live with their parents after got married, it will be make a new problem and her husband has not a job.

When parents allowed their daughter to get married earlier has a negative and positive effects. That is all depend on parents to think well before allowing their daughter to get married earlier. Parents should not give a sudden decision about it, they have to consider well about its effect later and they must adjust their daughter’s condition before allowing her to get married earlier. Maybe they can find another way to make their children stay away from negative things. But, if married is the only one solution for their parents, just give them advices and don’t forget to pray when they face a problem, and expect that can be keep their family safety and immortal.

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